AcroTeX - AcroTeX eDucation Bundle
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What is the AcroTeX eDucation Bundle?

The AcroTeX eDucation Bundle (AeB) is a mature software bundle that has been under development since 1999.

The AeB, which is freeware, does not require Adobe® Acrobat® Professional to build an AeB document, and yes, it works for pdftex and dvipdfm.

The AeB contains support packages for

designing the screen size of your PDF

creating graphics overlays

writing interactive exercises and quizzes (with or without solutions)

inserting Adobe® Acrobat® form elements

embedding JavaScript into the document

An extensive set of examples and detailed documentation of usage accompanies the distribution. Many educators world-wide are using AeB to write educational materials for publication on the Internet. Why not you?

Get your copy of the AeB now!. It's free!

For further information on the AeB please also check the AeB website.