AcroTeX - AcroTeX Presentation Bundle
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What is the AcroTeX Presentation Bundle?

The AcroTeX Presentation Bundle (APB) is a collection of LaTeX packages and
graphics files used to create eye-popping presentations. There are possibly two
uses for this package:

to create slides for a talk

to write a short presentation on a topic for a classroom presentation or for
distribution over the internet

One thing that separates this package from the others - TEXPower, Beamer,
Prosper and the Utopia Presentation Bundle - is the use of a new feature: Optional
Content Groups (OCG), of Adobe® Acrobat® 6.0 or later. OCGs will often be referred to
more informally as layers.

With layers, you can create ”talking points”, page slide shows, special effects
with text and color, and even animations. There is a one-to-one correspondence between pages and slides.
APB allows you to control your presentation in the same way you would for a PowerPoint presentation using mouse clicks, arrow keys or a remote presentation device.

APB is highly customizable, it ships with a large number of graphic backgrounds, called themes, to build a knock-out presentation.

Our collection of example files available on this page illustrate many of the major features of APB.

Please note:

Because of the use of layers, Adobe® Acrobat® Professional 8.0 (and Distiller®) is required to build an APB document. Once built, however, Adobe® Reader® 8.0 or later is the only requirement to view the document. For educators, deep discounts are offered by Adobe® on all their software; in particular, Adobe® Acrobat® Pro 8.0 can be purchased at modest cost. Funding for the software purchase can be obtained
from your Department or University.

The APB is not freeware software, it can be purchased for a nominal fee.