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In this section you find a choice of different examples which use the AcroTeX Presentation Bundle.
Click on the examples to view the file in a new window.

Animation control (311 KB)
Shows the whole amount of animation features, like 'step by step', 'changing speed', etc.

Animation control print (300 KB)
The print version explains the different animation buttons.

Rollover feature (219 KB)
The APB 'rollover' feature makes a frame appear/disappear when the mouse enters/leaves a specified region on the slide.

Image feature (290 KB)
The APB 'image' feature allows the user to have a PDF photo album. Images can be inserted as overlays.

Torus (618 KB)
Shows the generation of a torus.

Logo (290 KB)
Shows some logo generation/animation.

Physik (physics) - german (240 KB)
Multiple animations about several collisions in one dimension.

Sine (177 KB)
A tutorial about the sine function.

Themes (2 MB)
Shows a few of the professional designed backgrounds available with APB.

Buttons (729 KB)
Gives an overview of the huge amount of different buttons available with APB.

Thumbnails (151 KB)
Shows the professional handling with presentations. It's an authors' tool for having handouts, notations, etc. for the author himself or for the audience. They can be automatically generated with APB.

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