Introducing optional attachments, Part III: Illustrating \include


Part I and Part II used the command \prjinput, which is a variant of the LaTeX command \input. In this article, we discuss \prjinclude, a variant of \include. As with \prjinput, \prjinclude works with the optional attachments options and is normally used with a book manuscript, the \include is used to include chapters of the book. These chapters can be selectively included through the \includeonly command of LaTeX. The \pjrincludes is basically \include, but it optionally attaches its argument. More details are found in the accompanying PDFs. This demo file place links in the margins to open the optional attachments, if they are attached.

Read more: opt_attach_ltx.pdf (with optattachments) and opt_attach_ltx_noa.pdf (with !optattachments).

Articles in this series:

  1. Part I
  2. Part II
  3. Part III

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