Checking username and password


This article/demo is a continuation of Requiring the student name and ID. The class professor may assign a username and password to each of his/her students in the class. The username/password is then used to identify the student to the PDF document.The class roster for the class is saved in an array within a segment devoted to document JavaScripts. The elements of the array are encrypted so the casual snooper cannot see the usernames and passwords stored in the document.

The student is required to enter a valid username/password combination before s/he is allow to take the quiz. Changing the username or password after the quiz begins is not allowed either.

Acrobat is used to set password security so that someone with Acrobat cannot snoop into the document JavaScripts to find the unencrypted usernames and passwords.

Check out the demo file along with the source file attached to the PDF: quiz1_pwd.pdf

The article Checking username and password: Early encryption of the class roll  is an extension and continuation of this article.


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