Checking username and password: Early encryption of the class roll

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This article continues Checking username and password. In the PDF of that article, the usernames and passwords were not encrypted in the document, which made it necessary to put on document security so prying eyes with Acrobat could not see private class data.

In the PDF of this article, we demonstrate a technique for encrypting the class roll as it is placed in the document JavaScript section of the PDF. Prying eyes using Acrobat cannot make out any sensitive information; no need to put security on the document.

AeB is required with Acrobat for this workflow.

Read more: quiz1_pwd1.pdf

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  1. I wonder if the TEX file is the corresponding to the PDF file.
    The Pdf file works perfect, but the PDF made from TEX file doesn’t see username and password.

    Maybe, it’s fault of TeXnicCenter (though shows no Latex errors or warnings)

    Great job, thank you!

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