The exerquiz package: The userbmintrvl option


This article is motivated by an AcroTeX user (Thor G). He wants to ask his students to make a series of calculations, the result of which is to be entered into a \RespBoxMath input box. He is willing to accept the response as correct if the response falls into a designated interval [a,b].

The userbmintrvl option of exerquiz includes the definition of the command \rbmIntrvl, which is discussed in this article, is the implementation of this feature request by Thor G.

This feature requires exerquiz, dated 2021/04/24 or later. This article uses the dljslib package, dated 2021/04/04 or later.

Read more: rbmintrvl.pdf

Full functionality is obtained by downloading the file to your computer and opening in Adobe Reader. The article uses the useDeNums and useEnNums options of the dljslib.

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