eq-pin2corr: PIN security with warning and freezing


The eq-pin2corr package provides a mechanism for the document author to deny a student from correcting his or her own quiz by placing a password on the functionality of the Correct button. When the student presses the End Quiz control, normally a Score Field or Points Field provides feedback on how well the student performed; the eq-pin2corr package provides an option for denying the student even this information.

The purpose of this article is to document and to demonstrate some enhancements to the eq-pin2corr package (dated 2021/05/29 or later). These enhancement use modifications to  exerquiz (dated 2021/05/29 or later). The changes are to the actions of the End Quiz and Correct controls; these new actions are optional enhancements, they can be turned on or off.

Adobe Reader DC (AR) or Adobe Acrobat (AA) is required for the document to function as designed.

Continue reading by downloading p2c-wf.pdf to your desktop and opening with AR or AA.

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