The fortextbook option: Part 1, The Instructor Edition


We begin a thread on a  major new feature of the eqexam package; the new feature is accessed through the fortextbook option, and as the name suggests, it is designed to support the authoring of  textbooks, in particular, but not restricted to, textbooks as published in the United States.

This article highlights the instred option,


this is the edition of the book the instructor would get. In the U.S., the answers to the problem appear in the body of the text, either immediately following the question, or in the margins.

The original version of fortextbook, available for download at the eqexam homepage, used PSTricks for the graphics.  This version of fortextbook, I’ve replaced the PSTricks graphics with images, and import them using \includegraphics. The file fortextbook.ltx should be compilable using pdflatex. While I normally use Adobe Distiller is my PDF creator, there is nothing in the code of the fortextbook option that restricts usage to the distiller.

Continue Reading: fortextbook.pdf

Source Files:

The latest version of eqexam that supports the may be found at the home page of the package, or at your nearest CTAN server.

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