The fortextbook option: Part 2, The Student Edition

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The student edition is the one that is mass produced and sold to the student population. The answers to the odd-numbered problems are in the back of the book, the all answers or only odd-numbered answer to the chapter tests may also appear in the solution section of the book.

The document linked below is the same one that appears in the first article, The fortextbook option: Part 1, The Instructor Edition, but it is compiled using the studented option.


Continue reading in PDF: fortextbook_se.pdf

 The source file is attached to the PDF.

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  1. Hello Dr. Story,

    How are you Don? I am writing a textbook for the course I am teaching and so your latest creation “fortexbook” will be perfect for me. I have tried your source file “ltxfortexbook_se.ltx” but I am getting errors. I have installed the latest “eqexam”. Is there something else I have to do?

    By the way, I am completing my PhD in June, 2012 and also two different journal articles I have written using your Jeopardy games have been accepted and in press. I will send you copies when they are finally published.



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