The fortextbook option: Part 4, Solution Manuals


The focus of attention of the three previous blog articles in this thread, Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3, was on the creation of the textbook itself, the Instructor Edition and the more lucrative Student Edition. We turn now to the methods need to create a solution manual, both for the student and for the instructor. The Student Solution Manual typically contains solutions to the odd-numbered problems and solutions to all the chapter tests, while the Instructor Solution Manual contains all solutions to the problems in the textbook.

Details of the steps to create a solution manual are contained in Chapter 3 of

A Book on the fortextbook Option: fortextbook.pdf

Chapter 3 is new and is the documentation of the LaTeX code that I’ve developed recently for the solution manuals.

The Instructor Solution Manual: fortextbook_sman_instred.pdf

The Student Solution Manual: fortextbook_sman_stued.pdf

Source files:

Pick up the latest version of eqexam, containing changes brought about by the development of the commands for the solution manuals. Download and install from the eqexam home page.


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