APB: Using the rmannot and cntdwn Packages


The AcroTeX Presentation Bundle (APB) is entirely compatible with the rmannot package and the cntdwn package.

The rmannot package, which requires a Acrobat Distiller PDF creator, is used to insert FLV (and F4V), SWF, and MP3 files into a PDF document. The files may be embedded in the document, or streamed over the Internet.

The cntdwn package is a general purpose LaTeX package (not requiring Distiller). This package defines several clocks; in particular a countdown clock. Useful if there is a time limit on the length of your presentation.

The demo file will be distributed with the upcoming version 2.1 of APB.

Read more apb_rmannot_timer.pdf

You can view the PDF online, or download it to your computer and view it with the Adobe Reader or with Acrobat. There are some transition effects which cannot be seen in the browser; you can see the transition effects if viewed in Reader or Acrobat.

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