Studies in formatting a PDF for mobile devices


Since obtaining my smart phone, a Samsung Focus, Windows OS, I’ve surfed the Internet and have viewed web pages and PDF documents. The experience of viewing PDFs is now as great as with many web pages. The document is normally formatted for paper 8.5 inches by 11 inches, for example. The line width extends perhaps as wide as 6.5 inches, with 1 inch margins. This makes it difficult to read the content; the user typically must scroll horizontally to read an entire sentence.

Given this experience with PDF on my smart phone, created a page layout that can be used for both viewing on smart phones (and iPads) and on desktops and laptops.

The PDF mobile1.pdf was created from a LaTeX source file. The AeB package was used to set the page layout, AeB Pro was used to set the initial view of the document when it is opened on a desktop or laptop.

View the file mobile1.pdf both in your smart phone  or iPad (surf to this page on your digital device, or send yourself an email with the mobile1.pdf as an attachment) and on your desktop or laptop. The file should be readable on all platforms.

Click to continue reading: mobile1.pdf




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