1. dljs_com.pdf is working great but i have a problem with my own pdf file created by the dljs_com.tex attached on.

    The compilation gives no error but when I am entering C(10,4) in the second question of the quiz i have a java windows with the following message: Syntax error: A comma was found in your response “C(10,4)”. Please remove the comma or this answer will be marked as wrong.

    I am opening my pdf with acrobat reader or pro. Do you know how to fix this problem?
    Than you!

  2. Finally it works! I reinstall the newest version of acrotex maybe something was wrong with my old one.

  3. I am sorry to come back again but i am testing your pdf file i can’t type P(10,10) instead of 10! in the first question of the first quiz and the function permutation doesn’t seem to work properly?

  4. Hi and Thank you for your response.

    I didn’t modify the demo file iam just trying it.

    Why i can’t write P(10,10) to answer the first question on the quiz since P(10,10)=10! and for the second question of the quiz why i can’t answer P(10,4)/4! which is exactly the same as C(10,4) and a possible answer from a student.

    Now C(10,4) is working fine this was my fault it was due to a former acrotex package i was using.

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