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Educational material

Find further material for educational purposes on this page. We collected some links to interesting packages and PDF files showing how perfect the PDF format and educational content go togehter.

School algebra. Originally written as a tutorial for the Math Placement Exam at the University of Akron, but is also a suitable review for any student entering university.

This tutorial roughly covers the first semester of Calculus, as taught in the United States.

A LaTeX package for creating paper and online exams, quizzes and homework assignments. It also has the capability of creating online surveys in PDF.

Rounding Fractions (280 KB)
A demo file and tutorial on rounding fractions.

Reducing Fractions to lowest terms (450 KB)
Demo file and tutorial on writing equivalent fractions and reducing fractions to lowest terms.

Calculating with fractions (241 KB)
A demo file on adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions.