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JJ Game (Jeopardy)

The JJ Game is a macro class for LaTeX. The purpose of the class is to make the construction of Jeopardy-like games easy. Currently, the class supports dvipsone, dvips, dvipdfm and pdftex. The game constructed in a LaTeX source and, depending on your workflow, is converted to PDF. It is possible to construct a game with any reasonable number of categories and any reasonable number of question per category.

Jeopardy (example 1) (300 KB)
An example created by the JJ_Game package described above.
This example is dedicated to William Smith (Canada).
Jeopardy (example 2) (140 KB)
The contestant is forced to enter a name before being allowed to look at the questions. The questions are placed in layers and are not revealed until it is selected from the game board.
JJ_Game (250 KB)
A LaTeX package for creating Jeopardy-like game boards. Through this Jeopardy paradym, the author can pose questions to the user. A goal can be set for success.
jj_game manual (140 KB)
Documentation of the jj_game package, optimized for print-outs.
JJ_Game homepage
For further information on jj_game please refer to the JJ_Game homepage.