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Goodbye AcroTeX

We are sorry to announce, that will be shut down mid october 2022 due to the sudden death of one of our team members and the illness of another.

Thank you very much for your support!

RIP Jürgen!

Welcome to AcroTeX

Bring the best out of your PDF files! AcroTeX shows you how to use your LateX system in combination with the packages AcroTeX eDucation Bundle, AcroTeX Presentation Bundle and @EASE to create professional presentations or highly sophisticated interactive exams.

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AcroTeX Presentation
Bundle 2.1 is proud to offer version 2.1 of the AcroTeX Presentation Bundle. Version 2.1 is a minor update to Version 2.0 and brings APB into conformance with Acrobat X (Version 10.1.1 of Adobe Acrobat). The Tools menu is no longer on the toolbar, so the APB tools have been moved to the View menu.
APB uses sub-page navigation. When sub-page navigation is in effect and the viewer application is in fullscreen mode, the presentation can be navigated through with the usual controls: left and right arrows, or left and right mouse clicks; consequently, an APB document now can be controlled by remote wireless presentation devices, so popular with PowerPoint presentations. Learn more..

@EASE Minor Update

Several changes are made to @EASE. These changes are made available to users. Download the update in a ZIP file and follow instructions contained in the file.

AcroTeX News

APB 2.1 package is available

@EASE package is available

AeB Advanced Metadata batch sequence is available


AcroTeX Utilities

The AeB Builder utility

The AeB Exam Builder utility

The AcroTeX PDF Print Monitor utility

The AcroTeX PDF View utility