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AcroTeX Consulting Services

AcroTeX can produce interactive materials from the client source files for publication on a CD or the Internet. AcroTeX can modify its software to meet client specifications.
The software of AcroTeX is under the umbrella name of AcroTeX eDucational System Tools. The AeST is an integrated collection of software packages that uses a LaTeX-to-PDF workflow to produce high quality interactive materials in PDF.

Capabilities of AeST include:
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AeST can create exercises with or without solutions, the solutions can follow the exercise (or example) or can be placed at the end of the file and linked with the question to save screen real estate.
AeST can create quizzes with immediate feedback, with or without solutions.
AeST can create quizzes with delayed feedback, where document consumer is tested and graded according to standards of the document author.
AeST can create eye-pleasing documents, formatted for screen or print.
AeST has a number of educational games and activities which can be incorporated into the material.
It is possible to include client’s movies and animations. AeST can give a presentation on the capabilities of the software, or provide a PDF document that highlights the features of the AcroTeX eDucation System Tools.

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