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What is AcroTeX?

'AcroTeX' consists of two words: Acrobat® and LaTeX. This is a description of what we are doing: Combining the Adobe® Acrobat® software with the advantages of LaTeX systems.

We provide sophisticated LaTeX packages which - in combination with Adobe® Acrobat® - enable you to create rich PDF-files.

The APB (AcroTeX Presentation Bundle) empowers your LaTeX system to create PDF-presentations easily. Unlike other presentation packages for LaTeX, the APB uses layers (first introduced in Adobe® Acrobat® 6.0) to create a one-to-one correspondence between pages and slides.

The AeB (AcroTeX eDucation Bundle) is dedicated to mathematical education using a LaTeX to PDF workflow. The package offers a multiplicity of possibilities to the user to integrate interactive mathematical and scientific content into PDF files. With AeB, interactive exercises, tests and quizzes inside a PDF file can be created.


Learn more about AcroTeX:

The AcroTeX Magazine (E-ZINE for Adobe Reader 6 or later, 830 KB)
Take a brief look into our packages and see what each package is good for.
The AcroTeX Magazine (E-ZINE for Adobe Reader 5, 745 KB)
Take a brief look into our packages and see what each package is good for.
AcroTeX talk (4.42 MB)
Gives an overview of all AcroTeX packages. The talk, presented at a recent conference in Canada by D. P. Story, uses the AcroTeX Presentation Bundle, and gives a sneak peek at @EASE, and hints at future products.
AcroTeX talk (236 KB)
Poster advertising the Conference sponsored by the Ontario Institute of Technology (UIOT), where D. P. Story was one of three invited speakers.