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Who we are

AcroTeX is international! Our team (which has been referred to as ’the poor man’s multimedia software company’) consists of three persons:

The head - D.P. Story, Ohio, USA, is responsible for the development and programming of both the APB and AeB. Without a doubt ’the man behind the code’. The packages owe their creation, functionality and usability to him.

The motivator - J. Gilg, Stuttgart, Germany, pulled AcroTeX out of its shadowy existence. Without his unbelievable persistence and continuous (beta-) testing the APB would probably not be what and where it is now: easy to use and highly customizable. Furthermore responsible for the PDF-animations.

The customizer - S. Singer, Stuttgart, Germany, made AcroTeX what it looks and feels like now. The man behind the pixels, who made it possible that there are millions of design combinations within the APB. Also responsible for the AcroTeX homepage.

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