AcroTeX PDF View

The AcroTeX PDF View is an application that allows you to conveniently view a PDF file using a PDF viewer chosen from the PDF Viewer dropdown menu. The dropdown menu can be easily populated with your favorite PDF viewers, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, SumatraPDF, PDFX-Change Editor, and yes, even Adobe Acrobat, if you have it. The PDF viewer may also include any application on your viewer that supports viewing of a PDF file.

Documentation is available through a link on the application. The dropdown menu is populated by a CFG file, which can be edited through the Edit CFG control.

An image of AcroTeX PDF View application is seen below.

Requirements: The AcroTeX PDF View is a Microsoft Windows only application.

 Installation:  Go to the installation page.

Bugs and feature requests: Bugs and feature requests should be sent to dpstory at acrotex dot net.

Donate: The utility is free to use; however, based on the development time that went into the its creation, we recommend a donation of $5.00 USD, as a sign of support for AcroTeX.