AcroTeX PDF Print Monitor

The AcroTeX PDF Print Monitor is an application that prints any PDF file it finds in its input (or watched) folder. You select a folder to be a watched folder (an input folder), after the AcroTeX PDF Print Monitor begins watching the folder, if drop a PDF file into this folder, the AcroTeX PDF Print Monitor will detect it and print it to a selected printer, the Monitor then moves the file to an output folder.

The Monitor is a nice fit with Adobe Acrobat Distiller. With Distiller, you can set up a watched folder. If you drop a PostScript file into the input folder of the watched folder, Distiller detects it, distills it, and moves the resultant PDF file into the output folder. If you set up the output folder for Distiller as the input folder for AcroTeX PDF Print Monitor, the Monitor will eventually detect the newly created PDF, and print it to the selected printer.

An image of AcroTeX PDF Print Monitor is seen below.


Requirements: The PDF Print Monitor is a Microsoft Windows only application and requires Acrobat 7.0 or later (Standard, Pro, or Pro Extended).

Installation: Go to the installation page.

Bugs and feature requests: Bugs and feature requests should be sent to dpstory at acrotex dot net.

Donate: The utility is free to use; however, based on the development time that went into the its creation, we recommend a donation of $15.00 USD, as a sign of support for AcroTeX.


         Publish version When the Show Print Dialog Box switch is checked, Acrobat is brought to the front, rather than possible staying in the background.
Added a Check for Updates item under the Help menu.

         Publish version With the Show Print Dialog Box switch is checked, Acrobat is shown with the next PDF in the queue, the print dialog is displayed, and you can then make modifications to this dialog before printing. Previously, the Acrobat viewer stayed opened, which bothered at least one of my former former friends, so now, the viewer closes even in the case that there are no other documents being viewed.

         Publish version Updated documentation to reflect changes in version

         Publish version Added a drag/drop feature, now you can drop files into the console window, they will be copied to the Input Folder. The printed files are renamed to include a time stamp, before printing and moving them to the Output Folder.

         Publish Version Added several try/catch structures to catch any IO errors.

Took a whole different approach to printing the PDF documents. We ask the user to designate an Input and Output folder, then the Monitor is activated the following logic is used.

1.       We poll the Input folder, checking it every 10 seconds (set by user).

2.       If the folder job_queue does not exist in the Output folder, create it.

3.       Get a list of all PDF files in the job_queue subfolder (these are the files that have already entered the print queue). Try to move each of them to the Output folder, if the move fails, that probably means that file is still open by some other application (acrobat, for example). If the file fails to move, leave it there, we'll try again the next time we visit this folder.

4.       Now get a list of PDF files in the Input folder. For each file, move it to the job_queue subfolder of the Output folder, and print it from there. We the get another PDF file in the Input folder, move it to job_queue and print it.

I ran into problems with moving files after they were printed, sometimes Acrobat keeps the file open, this three folder approach gets around that problem, we move the file first, then print it, and as opportunity arises, we move it to the output folder. Seems to work.

         Publish Version Fixed link to documentation under the help menu.