AcroTeX - Special
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The tangent line problem (140 KB)
The solution to the tangent line problem is illustrated as the limit of slopes of the approximating secant lines. Page through the slides, then return to the beginning and click on the green left triangle, then page through by clicking on the green right triangle.
Newton’s Method (80 KB)
Illustrates Newton's Method of approximating the roots of an equation. Slide show with discussion and two examples. Examples may be printed, copied and distributed to students.
Numerical Integration (90 KB)
This is a "hands-on" PDF file for students. It approximates the value of a definite integral using Trapezoidal Rule and Simpson's Rule.
Distill button for WinEdt (70 KB)
Description in how to install a "Distill Button" in WinEdt.
Graphic monitor (300 KB)
Let's graph! Enter a function in the top part of the monitor and the PDF will graph it for you...
Valentine’s Card (15 KB)
An eCard to send to friends. Just try it!
Valentine’s Card on PDF Zone (66 KB)
Article about the Valentine's Card (PDF Zone '99)
Robot Man (160 KB)
Let your computer talk to you. Don't forget to activate your speakers!